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Starting late into his singing career, Jeff at the age of 18 found his joy of music. Born into a musically inclined family Jeff would always watch his uncles and aunt rehearse in a very popular Latin Tropical band. This continued when his brother Armando began to sing with their cousin Luis in a band known as Black Day. Just as a spectator in the music scene, Jeff finally got the singing bug his late Junior year and formed groups and performed accapella and R&B for school functions and local talent shows. In his Senior year Jeff's older brother Armando joined and that's when things got "real serious". Jeff has always been mentored and taught by Armando and always credits his brother for guiding Jeff (in a very tough brotherly fashion) to become the best and sound the best, making sure Jeff's ear was fine tuned to hear the notes and music. After joining the Salsa band Romance in 1994, the musical infection was in full swing! Jeff has shared the stage with such Latin greats as Celia Cruz, Lalo Rodriguez, Michael Stuart, and MANY more doing background vocals for many of these artists, as well as local artists such as Christian Tumalan, Cristian Pepin, Orestes Vilato, John Santos, Edgardo Gambon he list goes on. With the band Avance, even after 21 years, Jeff has been blessed to have recorded and learned from the musical master and mentor Karl Perazzo, who along with Armando, has influenced his professional and personal life dramatically! Having all these accomplishments and accolades do not come close with the opportunity Jeff has AGAIN, to take part in this amazing journey with his Big Bro...Armando in the Córdoba Project! "Nothing means more to me then to see my brother doing what he loves to do, he makes me proud to carry the name Córdoba"

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